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The benefits of digital transformation at the business management level are indisputable, however, almost half of Spanish companies have not yet started this process. This is revealed by the latest study carried out by PHC Software, developer of business management solutions, “The digitalization of business management in Spain.” 46% of the companies interviewed have indicated that they have not yet made the leap to digital management of their business processes.

According to this study, the reason for not having started this process is the confidence that 33.8% of companies have in office solutions to carry out business management, while 12.2% consider that their company does not has digitized its business processes as it should. On the opposite side, there are the companies that have started this process. 40.5% claim to have specific software for this purpose, using solutions such as ERP (enterprise resource planning systems), CRM (customer relationship management), accounting programs, e-commerce developments, among others; and 13.5% indicate that they share these solutions with their management.

Among those that have digitized the management of their business, the use of ERP stands out (60% of companies claim to use it) followed Email Data by some type of billing program (57.1%) and CRM (54. %). Also interesting are the percentages of “e-commerce” (20%) and “Project management” (25.4%). Perhaps because they are solutions that are often included as extra modules in many ERP's, more specific options such as “Fleet Management” (5.6%) and “Logistics and Storage” (11.1%) still have a scarce market penetration.

“To face current challenges, companies must have the ability to achieve optimal levels of management in all fields of business, and to do so, it is necessary to start the digital transformation process. Most companies have understood that this is the only way to achieve competitiveness, therefore, they have digitized their processes, and now use appropriate tools such as ERP that integrates all the company's operations and automates them, increasing productivity. /span>.Hugo Ferreira, PHC Software, says the international business director of.



The level of digitalization of business management is closely related to the level of billing. The higher the turnover, the higher the level of digitalization, and even more so now that the new system of Supply of Immediate Information (SII), also known as online VAT, affects all those companies whose turnover is greater than 6 million euros per year and that are required to self-assess VAT monthly.

The arguments used by those surveyed when asked why they have not decided to make the leap to digital management of their businesses are varied, but the cost of these solutions is for 58.6% of those who are “non-digitized.” main barrier to entry . They are followed by “The solutions are complex and difficult to use” (37.9%) and “Office programs do not offer everything we need to manage our company” (34.5%). In last place are those who think they do not need to go digital (3.4%).

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