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Smoke from the unprecedented wave of fires in Canada reaches New York. This Tuesday there were more than 400 active forest fires in Canada, more than 200 out of control, due to drought, high temperatures and wind. Canadian authorities say it is turning into the worst wildfire season in the country's history. Smoke from these fires in Canada has darkened New York, where air quality reached its worst levels since the 1960s on Tuesday night. Authorities advise limiting outdoor exposure for the elderly, children and people with heart and lung. They tell it in El País. 

The UN has indicated on Twitter that the air quality alert in New York "is a reminder that the climate crisis has no borders." In The Guardian they highlight that experts warn that large fires like those in Canada are part of the "new climate reality" due to global warming. This is how the UN headquarters was this Wednesday, enveloped in the smoke coming from the forest fires in Canada more than 1000 kilometers away. The air quality alert in New York is a reminder that the climate crisis has no borders. Ecologistas en Acción denounces that Special Data there are more illegal wells in the Doñana aquifer. The organization has reported to the Guadalquivir Hydrographic Confederation (CHG) the existence of illegal wells on a property owned by the heirs of the House of Alba. The wells are within the Aljóbar farm, in the municipality of Aznalcázar (Seville), in the Doñana aquifer. They tell it in EFE Verde. 



Marine litter exhibition in Madrid to raise awareness about the oceans. Laptops, washing machine drums, toys, shoes and glasses are some of the objects rescued from the seabed by the organization La España Azul. The exhibition can be visited until June 30 in a small gallery in the EDP Theater on Gran Vía. They tell it in EFE Verde. A “hotter than normal” summer is expected in Spain. The State Meteorological Agency explained yesterday that three of the last four seasons (summer and autumn of 2022 and spring of 2023) have been the warmest in the series and that, in terms of precipitation, the spring has been very dry. The forecast for summer is for higher than average temperatures and more abundant storms.

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